Drone Power Analytics™ Software

Drone Power Analytics™

Using our proprietary Drone Power Analytics™ (DPA) software to perform virtual asset inspection based off of highly accurate UAV data.

Cloud Based App

Drone Power Analytics™ (DPA) software is Cloud Based so your data is highly secure. You have flexibility in that we can scale services to fit your needs, customize applications and access cloud services from anywhere with an internet connection. Also this is very efficient without you having to worry about underlying infrastructure costs or maintenance.

Geospatially Referenced Data

Drone-based data is stored as a ledger along with geospatially map based information viewed as scalable georeferenced orthomosiac photos.

Our Machine Learning AI engine quickly and accurately analyzes, identifies, and classifies your objects of interest to provide actionable insights. Results are marked, summarized, and displayed to you.

Collaborate Your Data

Hi-Res photos, Thermographic and HD Video images evidence behind each inspection repair points of concern can be accessed by all up in the cloud.

These images that are captured to be shared based on the principal areas of concern for both the operations and maintenance departments.

Asset Repair Internal Control

Drone Power Analytics™ (DPA) software is a complete asset legal ledger. This ensures asset compliance, management oversight, and secure high quality drone-based data.  Our groundbreaking software will provide you with end-to-end capability that will complement your existing inspection and asset management practices while delivering operative solutions based on data trend analysis created based on initial matrix.