Asset Inspection Fly-Thru

This is an example of one of our recent UAS inspections using our SenseFly Albris UAV. 

  • Camera 38 MP, 7152 x 5368 RGB. 
  • Avg. Ground Sampling Distance 1.03cm/0.41 in. 
  • Area Covered: 0.043 km2/10.65 Acres. 
  • # of 3D Densified Points: 8,812,344
  •  Time of Flt: 21 minutes. 
  • Time for Point Cloud Densification: 45m:18s 
  • PC CPU: Intel Xeom 2 GHz, 16 GB RAM, NVIDIA Quadro 4000. WIN10, 64-bit


This is an example of our Drone-Based end-to-end solutions workflow. We flew this asset, imported the massive amount of data into our Drone Power Analytics Asset Management Software to analzye potential problems using AI machine learning techniques ,then presented to client to collaborate and manage so THEY can make strategic & logistic decisions.

 Vance Creek Bridge is located in Washington State built 1929. At 347 feet (106 m) in height, it is the second-highest railroad arch in the United States after the nearby High Steel Bridge.


Here's a demo of a typical drone power pylon and line inspection using our ground-breaking software, Drone Power Analytics. This site is located in Western Washington State and includes a pylon asset tower close-up inspection, mile of transmission corridor width, and vegetation proximity analysis in form of horizontal offsets to the live transmission lines. 

This flight was all completed in less than a day!

Data can be uploaded, analyzed, and field reports sent out via the cloud.

Video 3 - Adaptive Aero Technologies

Check out this great on-site training video of our professional trainier working with a client out of our state-of-the-art mobile command Mercedes Sprinter named "AeroTek".

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